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Patricia Roth

Name: Patricia Roth
Nationality: Swiss
Age: 35

Since five years I have been living in Urdorf, near Zurich, with my little family. Before that I lived and worked in the Toscana for 6 years (www.massavecchia.it). At the moment I really spend a lot of time with my family, with my daughter Noela, that’s one year old and my work, the Bike Agency (www.bikeagentur.com), that I take care of with my colleague Andrea. First of all we work for different bike destinations in the Alps, thank’s to that I have the most adorable place to work: The Mountains and the trails ☺

I ride: I don’t participate at any competitions or races. But otherwise actually everything that’s fun. From racebike to bikepark.
My strengths: Patience, organizing ability, empathy
My weaknesses: High expections to me and environment, a little perfectionistic, very selfcritic
I like: The laughter of my daughter, be out in nature, cook for my loved ones, candel light, the sun
I dislike: Rain or cold weather, fastfood, being late, Red Bull, pessimistic people

What I always wanted to say : Life’s a miracle!

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